As part of our Preservation Month activities, Preservation Pennsylvania invited Shelby Splain, Education and Outreach Coordinator with the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (PA SHPO) to give us a guided tour of the new PA-SHARE (Pennsylvania’s State Historic and Archaeological Resource Exchange) system, the new online data management and cultural resources GIS tool. It replaces and improves upon the old CRGIS platform, with more than a million new digital files and enhanced features.

Whether you’re a grassroots advocate or a CRM professional, you’ll learn to use PA-SHARE as a map-based inventory of historic and archaeological sites and surveys. It’s a primary tool for the public, agencies, and partners to conduct research, make informed decisions, participate in processes, and collect historic and archaeological resource information.

Now featuring over one million newly digitized files and combining several disparate systems into one searchable database, PA-SHARE streamlines and provides critical access to resources, projects, historical markers, surveys and reports.

Submit a Success Story during Preservation Month

During the month of May 2021, the PA SHPO invites you to submit a Success Story. Tell them about your local projects – from sprucing up City Hall with a fresh coat of paint to a great neighborhood front porch restoration – any effort that illustrates the state plan theme of #PreservationHappensHere. Submit to the Success Story initiative during the month of May, and you may be entered for a free 3-month Pro subscription to PA-SHARE. Entries all year will be considered for a Community Initiative Award from the PA SHPO. The video includes more  details about how to share your Success Story project.

Introduction to PA-SHARE

Please enjoy our Preservation Month webinar: Introduction to PA-SHARE.

Shelby Splain provided these useful links for more information.

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