2021 Awards Update

The 2020 Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards were held as a virtual event in October (postponed from an in-person even in June). With the current uncertainly of scheduling in-person events and in an effort to get the program back on original schedule, there are no plans at the current time for a 2021 event (either in-person or virtual). Since the awards program does allow a five-year eligibility period, there will still be an opportunity to apply in the future. Thank you for your interest in the program. If anything changes, we'll post an update here or sign up to receive our monthly e-news.

pennsylvania historic preservation awards

Pennsylvania’s Historic Preservation Awards continue a tradition started in 1979 to honor excellence in preservation. The annual awards recognize significant contributions in the field of historic preservation made by both individuals and organizations. The Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards are presented annually by Preservation Pennsylvania.

Congratulations to the 2020 recipients. Read more about them in this news post.

The Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards were held as part of  the Statewide Conference on Heritage and took place on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.  

If you weren't able to attend, click here to view the award ceremony.

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Updates on award recipients & Sponsors

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F. Otto Haas Award

In 1997, Preservation Pennsylvania renamed their annual Preservationist of the Year Award to honor F. Otto Haas (1915-1994), a noted preservationist and philanthropist. The award is a standing recognition of his service and contributions to historic preservation across the state.

Mr. Haas was a founding board member of Preservation Pennsylvania, served two terms as Chairman of the Board, and was a valuable advisor to the organization until his death in 1994. His dedication to Preservation Pennsylvania and historic preservation in Pennsylvania still inspires us today.

This award honors outstanding individual or group achievements in the field of historic preservation over an extended period.

2020  Brenda Barrett
2019  William Fontana, Pennsylvania Downtown Center
2018  Natural Lands
2017  The Progress Fund
2016  Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office
2015  Thomas B. Hagen
2014  Paul M. Heberling
2013  A. Roy Smith
2012  Janet S. Klein
2011  Susan Star Paddock and No Casino Gettysburg
2010  John Milner, FAIA
2009  Robert and Ruth Bascom, Wharton Esherick Museum
2008  Partners for Sacred Places
2007  Rick Sebak
2006  Caroline E. Boyce
2005  Pennsylvania Heritage Parks Program, PA Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources
2004  Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee
2003  Charles Peterson FAIA
2002  John B. Rosenthal & Pennrose Properties
2001  Arthur P. Ziegler, Jr.
2000  Thomas Hylton
1999  Mary Werner DeNadai
1998  Louis J. Appell, Jr.
1997  Henry A. Jordan, M.D.
1996  Steel Industry Heritage Corporation
1995  Samuel Dornsife
1994  John Murtha
1993  Kurt Zwikl
1992  Hyman Myers
1991  Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission
1990  The Pew Charitable Trusts, William Penn Foundation, Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation
1989  First National Bank of Pennsylvania
1988  Chester County Commissioners

Henry A. Jordan Award

This award is named for Henry A. Jordan (1936-2010), a former Preservation Pennsylvania Board Chairman and life-long supporter of the historic preservation movement.

In keeping with Henry’s belief that it is at the local level where real historic preservation occurs, this award honors outstanding historic preservation efforts at the local/regional level.

2020  Historic Gettysburg Adams County Barn Preservation Project
2019  Eugene L. DiOrio
2018  Astride McLanahan
2017  James L. Brown IV
2016  City of Lancaster
2015  Jacqueline J. Melander
2014  Salvatore J. Panto, Jr.
2013  Historic Harrisburg Association
2012  Fairmount Park Historic Preservation Trust
2011  John Andrew Gallery
2010  Thomas Potter, AIA

Modjeski Award

The Modjeski Award is named for Ralph Modjeski (1861–1940), considered "America's greatest bridge builder." He emigrated from Poland in 1876 at the age of 15. In 1885 he graduated from the School of Bridges and Roads in France at the top of his class. He went on to become a highly successful civil engineer and one of the twentieth century's most famous designers and builders of bridges, with nearly 40 bridges spanning the great rivers of North America. In 1930, Modjeski was awarded the Fritz Gold Medal, with a citation for his genius in combining strength and beauty. He was also honored by the Pennsylvania state legislature in 1966 by a resolution citing him as one of America's "greatest inventors."

In 1893, he started his own firm that became known as Modjeski and Masters when Frank M. Masters joined the firm in 1924. He remained professionally active until 1936, training succeeding generations of American bridge designers and engineers.

When an award was proposed to honor Excellence in Transportation Design, Preservation or Archaeology, the name Ralph Modjeski seemed a perfect fit to honor the very best in the transportation field.

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