2019 Pennsylvania at Risk

A farmhouse. A mill. A mansion. A mid-century masterpiece. And a landscape that once challenged girls to muster
confidence and courage. While each of the places on this year’s At Risk has seemingly outlasted the era in which it
was relevant, why should its time be up?

Each has a complicated story to tell. Each has the potential to transform into something new and relevant once again.
Each has the support of a community that finds real value in the tangible connection to history, industry and art.
How can we, as preservation-minded history lovers, encourage others to take the long view? How do we
demonstrate the embodied potential of a place, even if the process of re-visioning and renewal might take years
to accomplish?

We added the Star Barn to our very first Pennsylvania At Risk list. Iconic and beloved, it was a barnyard of buildings
that served no purpose after a highway choked it off from its farming landscape. Our investment of time, energy
and money paid off more than 25 years later, when we presented the Chairman’s Award to Tierney and David Abel
who purchased the buildings and moved them to a new location and a new future.

The places on this year’s list are now on that cusp between past and future. Preservation Pennsylvania commits to
trying to change the outcome for each of these sites and will work with local advocates to prevent demolition,
deterioration and degradation. We hope you will join us in the effort with a donation or by becoming a member.

Camp Archbald

(Susquehanna County) Local Girl Scout councils across the country, with approval from national leadership, have put up for sale more than 200 camps in 30 states. Camp Archbald, one of the oldest camps in the country, is under review for potential sale.

Colebrook grist mill

(Lebanon County) Local advocates hope to save, restore and find a new use for the long-vacant landmark.

Farmhouse at the carlisle Indian School

(Cumberland County) A coalition of Tribal representatives and local organizations seeks to preserve a farmhouse that was part of the Carlisle Indian School. They hope to transform it into a place of healing and education.

Morton & Lenore Weiss House

(Montgomery County) A mid-century residence designed by one of the world’s greatest 20th century architects is threatened with demolition by neglect and development.

Woodburne mansion

(Delaware County) This empty mansion designed by architect Horace Trumbauer for a noted family offers vast potential.It’s surrounded by a historic natural landscape that’s poised to become a valuable recreational resource that would benefit the residents of several nearby townships.

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About Pennsylvania At Risk

Since 1992, Preservation Pennsylvania has published the Pennsylvania At Risk list to draw statewide attention to the plight of Pennsylvania’s historic resources; promote and support local action to protect historic properties; and encourage funding and legislation that supports preservation activities. Helping people to protect and preserve Pennsylvania’s endangered historic properties is a top priority for Preservation Pennsylvania. The organization is committed to engaging with people interested in working to preserve and rehabilitate these significant historic places.

This year’s list was chosen from nominations submitted by groups and individuals. Submissions are evaluated by several criteria, including historic significance, the extent of the threat and the community’s commitment to preserving the resource. Founded in 1982, Preservation Pennsylvania is the commonwealth's only statewide, private,nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of historically and architecturally significant resources.