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Pennsylvania At Risk

Pennsylvania At Risk is a tool for those working locally to save places they care about. It draws statewide attention to the plight of Pennsylvania’s historic resources, promotes and supports local action to protect historic properties, and encourages funding and legislation that supports preservation activities.

Preservation Pennsylvania waives field service fees for At Risk Properties for the year and provides additional services and support such as letters of support for Keystone Grant fund applications or finding experts to offer services pro bono.

Thank You to Everyone who submitted a nomination

This year’s review panel included representatives from the following organizations, who shared their expertise to evaluate each of the nominations and offered their professional insights on potential solutions.

10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
Heritage PA
PA Museums
Pennsylvania Archaeological Council
Pennsylvania Downtown Center
Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office
Preservation Pennsylvania Board of Directors

2021 Pennsylvania At Risk

Preservation Pennsylvania's Executive Director Mindy Crawford announced this year’s Pennsylvania At Risk places in this video recording of Preservation Pennsylvania's live Zoom announcement. (View the video below.)

They are Fort Halifax Park (Dauphin County), Satterthwaite House and the Patterson Farm (Bucks County), and the former St. Agnes Church in the Oakland Neighborhood of Pittsburgh (Allegheny County). Watch the video to learn more about these places, plus updates on past Pennsylvania At Risk sites. Preservation Pennsylvania will work throughout the year with the places listed on 2021 Pennsylvania At Risk.

Click here for the 2021 Pennsylvania At Risk newsletter. (Members will receive their copy in the mail.)

Click here for the press release. Or click here for images.

Preservation Pennsylvania offers individuals, communities and organizations free technical assistance to help prevent historic properties from reaching At Risk crisis status. To take action in your community, consult our free publication, "How to Protect & Preserve the Places that Matter to You."

You can make a difference

We urge you to get involved with local preservation planning and efforts. Participate in designing your community's future!

To connect with At Risk sites, check out our website for updates and meeting announcements. Sign up for our e-news. Follow us on social media. We'd love your help, whether it's a hands-on work day, a letter-writing campaign to demonstrate support, or other ways that you can get involved and make a real difference. Click the button below where you can make a one-time donation, or pick an small amount and choose recurring donations to see your impact grow.   


Not all At Risk properties can be saved, but At Risk data analysis proves that many can. Calling attention to the plight of these special places gives each one a better chance of finding the right combination of people, support and ideas -- the resources necessary to result in a "Save" Get involved! Make a donation and your gift helps save local landmarks in Pennsylvania.



"The Friends of Abolition Hall was in its infancy when Preservation Pennsylvania gave us the welcome news that the Corson Homestead would be included in the 2017 Pennsylvania At Risk. [The recognition] also affirmed our sense of the value of our struggle. . . .

The articles and photos that followed the listing generated significant interest, which has further legitimized our efforts and enabled us to pursue our objections to the ill-conceived development plan for this once-busy stop on the Underground Railroad.”

— Sydelle Zove, convener
of the Friends of Abolition Hall

Carlisle Indian School Farmhouse Coalition

A farmhouse on the grounds of the former Carlisle Indian School was listed on Pennsylvania At Risk in 2018, The Coalition is working with Preservation Pennsylvania toward a reuse plan based on consultation with advocates and descendants of CIS students. 

The Coalition envisions a positive, productive reuse for the farmhouse focused on healing and creating a safe space where descendants can remember, honor and commemorate their loved ones as well as educate and raise awareness of the history and legacy of the CIS. The need for healing has become more evident with recent efforts to repatriate loved ones buried at the CIS cemetery.  Click here to read more about the project and history of the farmhouse.

Donate to the CIS Farmhouse Coalition 

 Preservation Pennsylvania is serving as an advisor and fiscal manager to help raise awareness of the history and modern relevance of the CIS and support the ongoing efforts of the Coalition to achieve its vision for the farmhouse.

Pennsylvania At Risk Database

To access a searchable database of all properties listed in Pennsylvania At Risk since 1992, click here (to come).

NOTE: Preservation Pennsylvania staff visited every extant site in 2016 to ascertain its current status. Community members are our eyes and ears in the field. We invite you to contact us if you have a status update or alert regarding an At Risk-listed site. Contact our Program Director Julia at

To find a copy of the original publication containing more information about each historic property and the nature of its endangerment, please visit our archive of Pennsylvania At Risk newsletters.

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Pennsylvania at risk

You'll find our latest Pennsylvania At Risk news updates below.

2021 Pennsylvania At Risk

The 2021 Pennsylvania At Risk are Fort Halifax Park (Dauphin County), Satterthwaite House and the Patterson Farm (Bucks County), and the former St. Agnes Church in the Oakland Neighborhood of Pittsburgh (Allegheny County).

Idyllic Farm Community, Once Thought “Saved,” Under Threat Again

Historic Dutch Corner is once again under threat. The Competitive Power Ventures' (CPV) Kettle Wind Project proposes to build wind turbines on the ridge of Evitt's Mountain. Construction and operation of these turbines would permanently impact the landscape, one of Bedford County's most significant economic assets.

McClintock-Steele-Waitz House

The McClintock-Steele-Waitz House tells the story of rascal Coal Oil Johnny and the worldwide impact of Pennsylvania's oil region.

Places we love: Lincoln Motor Court

This is a love letter – and an alert. The Lincoln Motor Court (Mann's Choice, Bedford County) is for sale - the last of its kind along the fabled Lincoln Highway.


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